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About Us

We are an Engineering Services Company. We specialize in hardware, software and firmware development.

We are capable of developing custom embedded devices and we have vast experience in analog and digital circuit design. We also have an experienced staff in Embedded Software and PC Software.

Our Mission
Our mission to give our customers the best service according to their requirements and needs. We are an agile and versatile company that can take part in any develpment stage of our customer's project, for example:
  • Complete Device Development: we do the circuit design, the shematic, the PCB and we build some prototype boards. We analyze the functional requirements in order to design and code the embedded software, we program the microcontroller and we test its functionality.
  • Embedded software development for an already designed board.
  • PC Software development to interface with an already designed board with a microcontroller.
  • Circuit and Board re-design for machine manufacturing (using a Pick and Place machine)
  • Circuit re-design for cost reduction or to improve reliability

Please feel free to contact us telling us your special requirements. Contact